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Re: upstream-vcs

On Mon, 23 Dec 2013 11:39:07 +0100, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

Hi Jonas!

Thanks for your explanations.

> > Nice so far; except that a simple `git-import-orig --pristine-tar 
> > --uscan' doesn't work anymore :/ (Or does it? But even then, manually 
> > specifying tag names seems like a regression in comfort to me.)
> Nowadays git-buildpackage supports tracking a) only upstream tarball, b) 
> only upstream git, or c) both upstream tarball and upstream git.

> Is that what you were uncertain if still works?

No, I was more concerned about the next question, the "comfort", as
you label it correctly:
> Regarding the comfort, it should be relatively easy to make a wrapper 
> script that checks if a tags exists matching the to-be-imported version, 
> and suggests to include that tag.
> Here's the almost-working script I currently use in my mc (Midnight 
> Commander) menu file:
>     set -e
>     set -x
>     set -o pipefail
>     pkg="$(dpkg-parsechangelog | egrep '^Source:' | cut -f 2 -d ' ')"
>     uscan="$(uscan --report-status || true)"
>     uversion="$(echo $uscan | perl -nE '/remote site is ([^\s,]+)/ and say $1')"
>     dversion="$(echo $uscan | perl -nE '/local version is ([^\s,]+)/ and say $1')"
>     utag="$(git tag | grep -x "$uversion" || git tag | grep -x "v$uversion" || git tag | grep -- "-$uversion\$")"
>     debian/rules get-orig-source DEB_UPSTREAM_TARBALL_VERSION="$uversion" DEB_UPSTREAM_TARBALL_MD5=
>     git-import-orig --pristine-tar --sign-tags --filter=.gitignore ${utag:+--upstream-vcs-tag="$utag"} "../tarballs/${pkg}_${dversio

Nice, I guess we'd need to come up with a fully-working version at
some point :)

(`dpt import' comes to mind as a name and place for it.)
> > Ok, next problem: Unless I'm mistaken, which might very well be the 
> > case, the "local" remotes are not pushed, so no one else will know 
> > that I added this nice upstream-repo remote.
> the _content_ of the "upstream-repo" remote is located upstream.  I see 
> no reason for us to mirror that branch: Anyone wanting to import can 
> fetch that git branch from upstream (exactly as we do with tarballs!).

Ack, sorry for being unclear, I meant ...
> > Which means, as a first step, if we want to go into this direction, 
> > that we'll need the upstream git URL somewhere in the package/repo.
> Right, the _URI_ of the "upstream-repo" remote we should register.

... the URL.
> > A possible solution might be DEP12/UMEGAYA, the spec for a 
> > debian/upstream file.
> > This spec has all kinds of interesting fields, among them Repository. 
> > (And also things like Bug-Submit which we might want to use in `dpt 
> > forward-{bug,patch}. Oh, and they probably also need github support. 
> > But I digress.)
> All that is needed as I see it is a URL usable for "git clone".
> Copyright file format 1.0 supports multiple URLs in Source: header 
> field.  My current practice is to look for git:// URLs there.
> So no need to introduce new metadata file for most common needs.

Also a nice idea, and saves same work; OTOH using debian/upstream
would allow us to store more information which might or might not be
handy for other purposes.


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