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Re: upstream-vcs


gregor herrmann wrote (23 Dec 2013 03:06:30 GMT) :
> - Then everyone has to "git remote add && git fetch" ...

It's probably quite doable to have mr do this for us (ideally, in both
git_checkout and git_update, so that info added into debian/upstream
after my initial clone is used).

> - And then, the very general question: What does this buy us? At
>   first glance, tracking upstream git sounds very sexy but what are
>   the concrete advantages?
>   Having all upstream commits locally is nice to step through them;
>   adding fixes is not so trivial, at least (in my understanding) 'git
>   cherry-pick' doesn't work as long as we are using quilt patches;
>   and 'git format-patch' and adding the file under debian/patches is
>   not much easier than downloading the patch from github or
>   wherever.

I have been tracking upstream Git for a while in the GTK/Glib/etc.
stack of modules, and I find it useful to:

1. Cherry-pick upstream bugfixes into my gbp-pq branch.
2. Review upstream changes one commit at a time at "import new
   upstream version" time, instead of having the full diff to review.
   More often than not, at least with the upstreams I'm talking of
   here, commit messages have additional information (e.g. links to
   GNOME's bugzilla) that Changes lacks.
3. Ease (more or less manual) bisecting, e.g. the one I'm currently
   doing on Glib::Object::Introspection.

Thanks a lot for working on this!

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