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Re: [patch] Use a temporary directory as $HOME in the Gtk3 test suite


Torsten Schoenfeld wrote (07 Dec 2013 23:14:28 GMT) :
> On 10.11.2013 10:01, intrigeri wrote:
>> the attached patch (that we apply in Debian) fixes a test suite
>> failure in Gtk3, whenever it is run with a non-existent $HOME, which
>> is the case on the Debian buildds.

> But that just begs the question: Why is $HOME not set properly on your
> systems?

I'm unsure. My best guess would be that for some reason, one should
not take it for granted that $HOME is set, so not setting it on the
Debian build daemons allows to detect code that assumes it is set (at
build/test time), and as a result improve free software as a whole.

Cc'ing the Debian Perl group in the hope that someone in there has
a better answer or pointers to the relevant documentation.

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