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Re: Joining the Debian perl group

On Sun, 29 Dec 2013 00:34:01 +0100, Léo Cavaillé wrote:

> Here is a very short introduction about me :
> I started contributing to Debian recently and as I tend to like very
> much writing perl and using perl packages on my debian computer, I
> must say I feel very willing to help you in the awesome work you are
> doing! I already started to wander around PET or some bugs I could
> try to fix for a first contribution.

Thanks, we're always happy to see new contributors!
> Could you please consider adding my Alioth account
> leo.cavaille-guest to your team ?

I've just added you to the Alioth project.

(And since I know that you know where to find the relevant
infomations, I won't bother you with more links now :))


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