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Re: pkg-perl uploaders field.

> The policy.txt was updated on our svn repository(0) with procedures to
> handle debian/control Maintainer and Uploaders field.

Thanks, I reworded the part a bit. It had some spelling errors and I tried
to clarify the text a little. Please tell me what you think of the
changes, they are easily reverted if you prefer your own text.

> It needed more updates, some minor changes, so i wrote a POD to
> replace the txt, providing both html and txt (through pod2html and
> pod2text). It was based on their actual content that is attached to
> this message with small cleanups. Please review it and send your
> comments to this list.

I don't think keeping two files with the same content is a good idea. I
uploaded your policy.pod to the website/ part of the SVN repository. I
updated this to reflect the changes to policy.txt. We should delete
policy.txt now if .pod is our prefered format (I don't have a preference).

Joachim, how is the website updated? Didn't you script an automatic update
script for the .html file in the documentroot? I can't seem to find the
script... Can you please add the policy text to be html-ized as well?

hoeve-guest@costa:pkg-perl$ ls -l
total 12
drwxrwsr-x  2    9999 pkg-perl 4096 Jan  5  2004 cgi-bin
drwxrwsr-x  2    9999 pkg-perl 4096 Mar 31 23:59 htdocs
drwxrwsr-x  2    9999 pkg-perl 4096 Jan  5  2004 log
lrwxrwxrwx  1 nomeata pkg-perl   34 May 17 13:52 update-website -> ../../users/nomeata/update-website

hoeve-guest@costa:pkg-perl$ ls -l ../../users/nomeata/update-website



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