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Re: pkg-perl uploaders field.

Hello Gustavo, others,

> > We could add the following practises into the policy:
> >
> > * Use the Alioth email address as the Maintainer field.
> > * When injecting, uploading, modifying, etc., add yourself to the
> >   Uploaders field. This way users can see who is actually working on a
> >   package.
> > * Always add a watchfile to the package for easy version checking. (This
> >   is automagically done by dh-make-perl nowadays).
> > * What else?
> >
> I agree with these changes in the policy, it will be clear to everyone
> who touched the package (and can be contacted) and at the same time
> the maintainers field will be kept pointing to pkg-perl group.

Gustavo: if noone on this list objects to this proposal, would you mind
doing the work of adding the above to the policy? I am currently a little
short on time.



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