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Re: pkg-perl uploaders field.

Hello Gustavo,

> I didn't get your "we". I'm part of this group and i've made a small
> proposal to change how the uploaders field is being handled after
> Daniel' first reply i guess that we've discovered together that changing
> it or not we'll need to update our policy.

Ah, must have had a bad day yesterday. Upon re-reading all the previous
messages, I understand your proposal. Sorry if I have made you feel
excluded ;)

> In my previous message, i wrote that change the uploaders field handling
> just require us update our documentation and add more name/e-mail
> addresses (one for each pkg-perl member) in the uploaders field, like in
> libalias-perl, i just used it as a example. Check the package and read
> again my first message.

To clear things up: do you propose listing all members as Uploaders for
all packages? Wouldn't that result in a *lot* of Uploaders listed? How
many members do we have anyways?

> I agree with 'users contact us through the Alioth mailing address', i
> didn't asked to remove this e-mail account from maintainer field. The
> only thing commented about this e-mail address was something like 'it
> isn't documented in our policy'.

I agree. Feel free to update the policy. It is incomplete as it is
anyways. We could easily add the stuff about the Alioth mailing address
and decide upon your Uploader-field-proposal later.



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