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pkg-perl uploaders field.

Perl Group,

Have you discussed about add a 'metainfo' into our svn repository
containing a pre built uploaders field to be used before each package
upload ? My proposal is:

- Add metainfo/ in our svn repository;
- Add metainfo/metainfo-extract.pl, a simple script that will collect
all pkg-perl members from alioth creating a file called
- Import the first uploaders.field.

What a sponsored (NM or not) maintainer will need to do?

What a DD will need before each upload ?
Checkout not only the $(package) but metainfo too, running
metainfo-extract, upgrading uploaders.field in the target $(package).

Why ?
I'm a qa.d.o/developer.php addicted and pkg-perl uploads without
uploaders field well filled can't be traced. There are many packages
where the user can open a bug through BTS and blame^W contact a
non-maintainer only, i believe that uploaders field will bring more
visibility to our users that there are more people behind that

There's some groups doing it in a similar way, like debian-br and
gnome team. You can check downloading source packages like:
mozilla-locale-ptbr, gtodo and looking into their svn repositories.


Gustavo Franco -- <stratus@debian.org>

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