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Alert from eSafe:\attachment.bat Infected with Win32.Mydoom.m Anniversari/ Bill Clinton compie 60 anni Attention, this one grows fast Fw: Re: Bachelors, {}Masters, MBA and/or Doctorate (PhD) [bts-link] source package Bug#186010: Have your seen this? Bug#198694: Catalan Chinese Big Bug#198694: marked as done ( Please compile with -O2 on i386) Bug#207657: Update on our product Bug#228117: I have same issue Bug#245861: marked as done ( no largefile support) Bug#246303: marked as done ( Printing ignoresallspacesindocument) Bug#279193: marked as done (/usr/bin/openoffice: Word file -> Export pdf space problem) Bug#321876: marked as done ( Split off XML Catalog stuff to a separate package) Bug#329106: marked as done (Please change debian/control to include amd64) Bug#332194: marked as done ( Can't insert/reproduce sound in OO documents) Bug#335266: marked as done ( Dependance on, why not | ?) Bug#336284: marked as done (python-uno: python2.4-uno would be appreciated) Bug#337610: Can be fixed manually Bug#345703: marked as done (openoffice not finding istalled ssl certificates) Bug#346183: marked as done ( depends on l10n-en-us) Bug#346282: fixed Bug#353595: marked as done ( no orientation option in printer dialogue) Bug#354895: No improvements half a year later... Bug#357356: font replacement broken in latest OpenOffice Bug#360489: marked as done (upgrading from sarge to etch remove Bug#363257: marked as done (Spelling mistake in package description) Bug#364814: marked as done (can you switch to stlport5?) Bug#367641: marked as done (openoffice segfaults at startup) Bug#367641: Found in 2.0.3-6, OO is unusable Bug#373224: marked as done (Recognize automagically the digital signature from mozilla) Bug#373579: marked as done ( no orientation option in printer dialogue) Bug#373974: marked as done ( Does not save printer and paper and bin settings.) Bug#373974: not solved, reopen Bug#376134: marked as done (please build amd64 debs) Bug#376597: Me too Bug#380748: OOo asks to switch desktop Bug#381369: Export as PDF dialog missing text labels Bug#383312: marked as done (Please package DTD independently) Bug#384727: marked as done ( failes to compile on amd64, tries to find unowinreg.dll) Bug#385183: marked as done (myspell dictionary package does not include the word Debian) Bug#385507: marked as done (myspell-en-us: Additional words) Bug#385594: Non-tiled background is tiled in slide show mode Bug#385798: font hinting still does not work with the current version ob libfreetype Bug#385798: font hinting still does not work with the current version of libfreetype Bug#386250: default to printf all sheet, when usually, only one is needed. Bug#386266: openoffice programs crash at startup Bug#386763: marked as done ( installation fails) Bug#386763: installation fails Bug#386936: Depends on libgstreamer0.10-0... why? Bug#387010: Crashes during save if /tmp fills up Bug#387138: found root cause and workaround Bug#387138: crashes on startup Bug#387224: program/unopkg: Could not find a Java Runtime Environment! Bug#387333: marked as done (Recommends unavailable Bug#387333: Recommends unavailable Bug#387452: AportisDoc export not working with non-ascii characters Bug#387583: Suggests non-existent packages Bug#388397: marked as done ( No text displayed in the Help dialog when OO.o-writer not installed) Bug#388397: No text displayed in the Help dialog when OO.o-writer not installed Bug#389138: crashes opening some *.pss on amd64 platform Bug#389280: marked as done ( bad dependency) Bug#389280: bad dependency Bug#389423: typo in long description: "adressbook" Bug#389447: marked as done ( uninstallable in unstable) Bug#389447: uninstallable in unstable Bug#389473: presentation guide crashes Bug#389530: amd-64 version crashes when loading file Bug#389530: the problem file Bug#389616: Suggested package oooqs-kde doesn't exist Bug#389617: marked as done ( About should mention platform) Bug#389617: About should mention platform Bug#389764: programs oo-* start only once unless a reboot or launching them with strace -f Bug#389935: pasting text from clipboard destroys international characters Bug#390106: Hang every time on amd64 Bug#390113: freezes with CPU at 100% Bug#390128: after typing two characters program freezes with 100% CPU Bug#390133: Here is a gdb backtrace Bug#390133: I also get this! Bug#390133: In case it helps: same here Bug#390133: openoffice crashes when trying to open a file Bug#390133: openoffice crashes whentrying to open a file - backtrace Bug#390133: Stack when clicking "help/about" Bug#390136: ooffice dies a painful death on startup Bug#390136: Was crashing with the "aborted" line to console - now it just hangs Bug#390136: Oowriter dies after startup dmake 1:4.5-3 MIGRATED to testing dmake_4.5-3_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED dmake_4.6-1_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED download. GameWiz Cheating Adventure Fwd: Do you want a prosperous future? GET YOUR UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA! Ecartis command results: No commands found Fixed in upload of 2.0.4~ood680m2-2 to experimental [fwd] Get INFX First Thing Tomorrow, This Is Going To E.x.p.I.o.d.e! groups Your search did have apt not remove openoffice in sid hurry and see GCM E ICU transition Incomplete upload found in Debian upload queue in GamesTop: loved sometimes skew ! Obtain degrees from Prestigious non-accredited Universities openoffice 2.0.4~rc2-2 crashes when "touched" 2.0.3-6 MIGRATED to testing openoffice.org_2.0.4~ood680m2-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED openoffice.org_2.0.4~rc1-1_source+powerpc+all.changes ACCEPTED openoffice.org_2.0.4~rc2-1_source+amd64+all.changes ACCEPTED openoffice.org_2.0.4~rc2-1_source+amd64+all.changes is NEW openoffice.org_2.0.4~rc2-2_source+amd64+all.changes ACCEPTED openoffice.org_2.0.4~rc2-2_source+amd64+all.changes is NEW 1: MIGRATED to testing ACCEPTED ACCEPTED Processed: bah.... Processed: [bts-link] source package Processed: bug 387224 is forwarded to, tagging 387224 Processed: damnit... Processed: Email change Processed: Fixed in upload of 2.0.4~ood680m2-2 to experimental Processed: found 321163 in 2.0.4~rc1-1 Processed: found 373974 in 2.0.3-6 Processed: garr.. tag the right one... where's the coffee... Processed: Re: Bug#385798: font hinting still does not work with the current version ob libfreetype Processed: Re: Bug#386936: Depends on libgstreamer0.10-0... why? Processed: Re: Bug#387138: found root cause and workaround Processed: Re: Bug#387138: crashes on startup Processed: Re: Bug#389447: uninstallable in unstable Processed: Re: Bug#389473: presentation guide crashes Processed: Re: fixed Processed: severity of 378619 is normal, merging 378619 385798 Processed: sorry, typo Processed: tagging 198694 Processed: tagging 245861 Processed: tagging 341649 Processed: tagging 345703, tagging 373224 Processed: tagging 376134 Processed: tagging 386763 Re: Processed: tagging 387138, bug 387138 is forwarded to Jan Holesovsky <kendy <at>>, merging 377163 387138 Processed: tagging 387138, bug 387138 is forwarded to Jan Holesovsky <>, merging 377163 387138 Processed: tagging 388397 Processed: tagging 389423 Processed: your mail Processing of dmake_4.5-3_powerpc.changes Processing of dmake_4.6-1_powerpc.changes Processing of openoffice.org_2.0.4~ood680m2-2_i386.changes Processing of openoffice.org_2.0.4~rc1-1_source+powerpc+all.changes Processing of openoffice.org_2.0.4~rc2-1_source+amd64+all.changes Processing of openoffice.org_2.0.4~rc2-2_source+amd64+all.changes Processing of Processing of Professional risk free Possibility bguv quotread Whitney Houston Wrong fonts in OO-2.0.3-2, resend your The last update was on 14:16 GMT Sun Aug 16. 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