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Accepted advi 1.6.0-1 (powerpc source) Accepted advi 1.6.0-2 (powerpc source) Accepted bibtex2html 1.74-1 (all source) Accepted camlimages 2.20-0 (powerpc all source) Accepted camlimages 2.20-1 (powerpc all source) Accepted extlib 1.3-1 (powerpc source) Accepted ocamldbi 0.9.10-1 (powerpc source) Accepted ocamlweb 1.36-1 (all source) advi_1.6.0-1_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED advi_1.6.0-2_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED advi 1.6 and camlimages 2.2.0 ... ara 1.0.3 prerelease (rev. 778) Are you tired a lot bibtex2html_1.74-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: both native & bytecode Bug#257855: marked as done (advi segfaults on a particular dvi (supplied); xdvi ok) Bug#264797: advi: man page _still_ missing Bug#264797: marked as done (advi: man page missing) Bug#273373: marked as done (tuareg-mode: no syntax highlighting at all) Bug#273373: tuareg-mode: no syntax highlighting at all Bug#274383: advi: cannot exit scratch mode Bug#274383: fix for the scratch bug Bug#274383: marked as done (advi: cannot exit scratch mode) Bug#274508: bibtex2html: Wrong page numbers in ToC of Bug#274508: marked as done (bibtex2html: Wrong page numbers in ToC of Bug#274819: marked as done (new upstream release 2.2 available) Bug#274819: new upstream release 2.2 available Bug#275983: "coqc -v7" doesn't work; missing v7 library Bug#275983: dpkg-query -l pattern matching buggy; lists too few Bug#275983: Put the right email on my bug report Bug#276458: META file almost useless Bug#277654: advi: can't display gzipped graphics Bug#277778: advi: Dangling symlink Bug#277778: marked as done (advi: Dangling symlink) Bug#278806: advi man files missing camlimages_2.20-0_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED camlimages_2.20-1_powerpc.changes ACCEPTED camlimages_2.20-1_powerpc.changes REJECTED Growth hormone accelerates wound healing i love you Incomplete upload found in Debian upload queue natureasia Help Message New stuff in ara ocamlweb_1.36-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED Open this to learn how to please your partner again in the bedroom! 5074 Re: ordinary two-wheeled bicycle. To Own your successful business perl4ocaml / meta-ocaml Processed: dpkg-query -l pattern matching buggy; lists too few Processed: foo Processed: forw Processing of advi_1.6.0-1_powerpc.changes Processing of advi_1.6.0-2_powerpc.changes Processing of bibtex2html_1.74-1_i386.changes Processing of camlimages_2.20-0_powerpc.changes Processing of camlimages_2.20-1_powerpc.changes Processing of ocamlweb_1.36-1_i386.changes Spamoracle man page refers to /usr/local/bin/spamoracle Sponsor for Flare 1.0 Tagged 1.0-1 Why does libfoo-ocaml-dev needs to depend on libfoo-dev? The last update was on 12:22 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 110 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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