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Re: Sponsor for Flare 1.0

Ah, have read about the account on alioth. Probably that's the best way. If you need to change the ara package, I'll help you with all I can do.


Thomas Schoepf wrote:

Berke, you have integrated flare (now xara) into the ara tarball? Then the fastest way to get xara into the Debian archives would be to upload a new version of ara, containting both ara and xara. If you intend to keep ara uptodate then I'd prefer to create two debs from the one source so it's still possible to have a command line search tool without all the gtk2 libs. As the maintainer of ara, I could upload or sponsor such an upload. I'm quite busy with real life at the moment, off the net in 30 minutes and maybe not back before tomorrow late in the evening. So, it would be the best if someone of you, maybe George, could prepare a package, and I'll sponsor the upload for the time being. I don't insist on maintaining this package (reasons above :) ).


Berke Durak wrote:

Hello all,

I think Flare is ready.  You can get it at

George Danchev has made a .deb for it and volunteers for
maintaining flare.  Thomas Schoepf is currently maintaining ara.
I have to backport changes from flare to ara or merge the two
packages somehow.

I don't know anything about the sponsoring process.  Is there still time
to have hope of having flare & ara included in the upcoming Debian
release ?

Could you all sort this out somehow ?  It seems that Debian lacks
a good package search tool (or have I missed it ?) and that would also
be good publicity for Ocaml.

I'm willing to do the codefixes necessary. In particular I'll do the manpage
(by ripping it from ara and updating the syntx).


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