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ara 1.0.3 prerelease (rev. 778)

Hello all,

I've polished ara somewhat.  If some people can test it, it would be nice.
There remains the question of what to put in the xara.1 manual page.


ara (1.0.3) unstable; urgency=low

  Changes by Berke Durak:

  * Added Debver module for correctly comparing Debian version numbers.
  * Uses Debver to filter old versions when -coalesce is set.
  * Redid menu layout.
  * Cleaned-up GUI code.
  * Added menu accelerators and mnemonics.
  * Added a "Newest only" check box.
  * Rewritten ara.1 manual page and included ledit manual page.
  * Changed makefiles to use bytecode compiler by default and to strip executables.
  * Added version.ml.
  * Automatic config file creation.
  * Config files are now in ~/.ara
  * CLI: added #memory and #compact, #install, #remove.
  * Fixed zombies and SIGPIPE problem with pager.
  * Added #fields (equivalent to #set -fields) ; now warns about non-existent

  Changes by George Danchev:

  * Add control.smart: trying to port the idea of spamoracle packaging approach
    - xara-gtk: remove ocaml-base-3.08 from Depends:
    - xara-gtk-byte: change ocaml-base-3.08 to ocaml-base-nox-3.08 in Depends:
    - remove ocaml-nox-3.08, ocaml-interp from Build-Depends:
  * Add rules.smart:
    - handle installs for ara, ara-byte, xara-gtk, xara-gtk-byte

PS. George, most of your wishes have been granted !  (Except for word wrapping
in the field widget, which is difficult to do).
Berke Durak

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