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Re: both native & bytecode

On Wednesday 27 October 2004 20:21, Samuel Mimram wrote:
> Hello,


> I have a few comments on your control file, I might be wrong since I
> don't really know ara :
> * if you don't need the Graphics or Tk modules, you should depend on the
> -nox versions of the packages (in particular for ara which does not
> require X, I guess). Anyway you don't need to depend on ocaml,
> ocaml-base and ocaml-base-nox since ocaml-base-nox is implied by
> ocaml-base which is implied by ocaml. So I would simply put
> ocaml-nox-3.08 in the Build-Depends.

Right. Agreed. Changed.

> * Does xara-gtk really use lablgl? (it's in the build-deps)

I have now only liblablgtk2-ocaml-dev 

> * You should not build-depend on ocaml-native-compilers since it is not
> available on some non-native archs. You could depend on
> ocaml-best-compilers but anyway your app is, I guess, small enough not
> to require native compilers when available.

Right. Agreed. Changed.

> * I don't really see the point in providing both ara and ara-byte (and
> idem for xara-gtk). You could simply provide an ara package which
> contains native ara on archs which support that and bytecode else.

Right. Agreed. Changed.
Now I check for /usr/bin/ocamlopt and if there make s native build.

> * I think you don't need to explicitely specify the lib dependencies for
> xara-gtk: they should be automatically put by the ${shlibs:Depends}. The
> only thing you need is liblablgtk2-ocaml (which should be there).

Right. I've took a look at spamoracle package which uses this way, but I think 
we can shorten things a bit. 

I'll have an alioth acount soon and commit my changes, you might keep an eye 
on pkg-ocaml-maint.alioth.debian.org/svn/pkg-ocaml-maint/projects/ara

> Again, I had only a quick look at your files and I might be wrong.

Your suggestions are very usefull and explanative, helping me to approach the 
things in a better way. Thank you very much. 

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