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Re: [RFS] crystalcursors and kde-icons-nuovext

Ricardo Mones wrote:

>> I have lots of commented-out debhelper lines which sometimes later get
>> used when upstream does add a relevant file.
>> If you like things all prim and proper, that's fine, but please don't
>> impose it on others.
>   I think the one who should take a break is you. I'm not trying to
> impose anything. This is debian-mentors, both keeping files clean and
> using a SCM are common practices for debian packaging, but you can do it
> as you like of course.
>   Looks like mentioning this offended you, who used not less than three
> exclamation marks, brought policy and god into scene and nearly called me
> a nazi. I hope you're relieved now ;-)

Ok, please let's stop this right here.

I think we heard the pros and cons of leaving commented-out commands in
rules and we all agree that this is not state of the art style on the one
hand, but not really against the policy (so probably allowed) on the other

Let's keep focusing on making high quality packages and helping each other
(at least on this list ;)



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