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Re: [RFS] crystalcursors and kde-icons-nuovext

On Saturday 15 October 2005 14:59, Bastian Venthur wrote:
> I'm searching for sponsorship of my packages:
> crystalcursors
>  + http://packages.qa.debian.org/c/crystalcursors.html
>  + http://venthur.de/debian/crystalcursors/
>     closes: #328298 (Hot Point of Lefthanded Themes Wrong)

Notes for crystalcursors:
- lintian is complaining bitterly
  (see the artwiz-cursor package for a lintian override if you believe
  that these warnings are okay)
- a lot of commented-out debhelper calls in debian/rules
- why dh_installexamples? There are no examples.
- why dh_installman? There are no manpage.
- why dh_link? There are no symlinks to set?

> kde-icons-nuovext
>  + http://packages.qa.debian.org/k/kde-icons-nuovext.html
>  + http://venthur.de/debian/nuovext/
>     closes: #324505 (Includes text files under /usr/share/icons)

Notes for kde-icons-nuovext:
- why are you using "gzip -9"? I'd prefer dh_compress
- why move the documentation around manually instead of using
- the download URL is mentioned in <http://> brackets. Why?
  It is not an email address.
- it may be a matter of taste but I would not extract the upstream
  tarball right into the debian/... directory. Why not using that file
  as an *.orig.tar.gz. Okay, it's too late for this upstream version
  since Debian already has your *.orig.tar.gz in the archives.
  It appears like your current *.orig.tar.gz consists of the real
  *.orig.tar.gz. Do I miss a reason why it's done this way?
  I would rather do it the dh_make way and install the files with

Kind regards
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