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[RFS] crystalcursors and kde-icons-nuovext

Hi Mentors,

I'm searching for sponsorship of my packages:

 + http://packages.qa.debian.org/c/crystalcursors.html
 + http://venthur.de/debian/crystalcursors/
    closes: #328298 (Hot Point of Lefthanded Themes Wrong)

 + http://packages.qa.debian.org/k/kde-icons-nuovext.html
 + http://venthur.de/debian/nuovext/
    closes: #324505 (Includes text files under /usr/share/icons)

Both packages are allready in the archive and fix a bug. My current sponsor
seems to be very busy, so I'm asking you for an upload. The fix for
crystalcursors seems quite important, since it fixes an annoying bug for
lefthanded users.

Kind regards


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