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Bug#400457: live-package: wrong default distribution in conf file casper_1.79+debian-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED casper override disparity Debian Live for PS3 java in a live cd live and install in one CD? live-package_0.99.14-2_i386.changes ACCEPTED live-package_0.99.14-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED live-package 0.99.14-3 MIGRATED to testing live-package_0.99.15-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED live-package_0.99.16-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED live-package_0.99.17-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED live-package_0.99.18-1_i386.changes ACCEPTED [PATCH 0/5] Another patchset produced by O.S. Systems [PATCH 1/5] Add support to overwrite the archive keyring [PATCH 2/5] Allow disk volume specification [PATCH 3/5] Avoid daemon initialization [PATCH 4/5] binfmt-support /proc locking workaround [PATCH 5/5] Allow to use a customized syslinux splash image without need to diverge all templates Processed: Re: live-package: wrong default distribution in conf file Processing of casper_1.79+debian-1_i386.changes Processing of live-package_0.99.14-2_i386.changes Processing of live-package_0.99.14-3_i386.changes Processing of live-package_0.99.15-1_i386.changes Processing of live-package_0.99.16-1_i386.changes Processing of live-package_0.99.17-1_i386.changes Processing of live-package_0.99.18-1_i386.changes Project using Debian Live Project using Debian Live - CHESS Rebuilding of existing chroot The last update was on 11:44 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 56 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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