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java in a live cd

On 1/25/07, ivan fernandez calvo <ivan.fernandez@sacnet.es> wrote:
> I try to make a livecd that it have java with the sun jdk but i have
> problem to make works the sun jdk (with the free-java-sdk works but is
> too big to my instalation). I make this:
> cd /tmp
> make-live --config /etc/make-live.conf
> cd /tmp/debian-live/chroot
> chroot $( pwd )
> apt-get install tomcat5 libxalan2-java liblog4j1.2-java bridge-utils
> ifenslave-2.6 openssh-server tcpdump proftpd libcommons-fileupload-java
> mc sun-java5-jdk xalan libxerces27 openntpd inotify-tools nmap netcat
> deborphan mgetty ppp console-tools console-data console-common less
> dpkg-reconfigure -a
> /limpiarApt.sh
>  exit
> ./recreate.sh
> i atach the scripts limpiarApt.sh (clean apt caches an server lists),
> recreate.sh (make the squashfs and iso from the chroot directory) and
> make-live.conf
> I put this options at boot time
> boot=casper quiet ip=eth0,, locale=es
> hostname=sbu keyb=es username=sipco2
> the cd boot fine, but when i try to execute java or javac y se the next
> error.
> Error: could not find libjava.so
> Error: could not find Java 2 Runtime Environment

Do this:

strace java --version 2>&1 | grep libjava

You will see where is java searching for libjava.so ...

Pehaps the path is outside unionfs chroot (ubuntu+casper have /rofs
where squashfs is mounted and java search into this dir)

I hope thas this can help debugging the error...

> I try to export all know enviroment variables about java
> and allways the same error.
> In the developer system if i make a chroot to /tmp/debian-live/chroot
> and execute java it work fine.
> I forgot some step but i can find it, any Ideas?
> Thanks
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> Iv?n Fern?ndez Calvo
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