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java in a live cd

ivan fernandez calvo wrote:
> I try to make a livecd that it have java with the sun jdk but i have
> problem to make works the sun jdk (with the free-java-sdk works but is
> too big to my instalation). I make this:

i changed the debconf frontend while processing hooks, so that the
sun-java* packages can be installed there (i'll switch it later to a
some parameter so that it can be automatized).

so, with live-package SVN, you can do it much simpler:

  * specify all packages except sun-java* within LIVE_PACKAGES or pass
    it with --packages to make-live.

  * pass --hook apt-get install sun-java5-jdk

> dpkg-reconfigure -a 


> /limpiarApt.sh
>  exit

i added the additional pruning to the minimal flavour, thanks.

> the cd boot fine, but when i try to execute java or javac y se the next
> error.
> Error: could not find libjava.so
> Error: could not find Java 2 Runtime Environment
> I try to export all know enviroment variables about java
> and allways the same error.
> In the developer system if i make a chroot to /tmp/debian-live/chroot
> and execute java it work fine.
> I forgot some step but i can find it, any Ideas? 

i rebuild the image with todays etch and did it like i described above.
with that procedure, i wasn't able to reproduce the issue you brought up.

i'm unsure if it is related to the new sun-java5 packages which entered
testing recently, however, please retry it and tell me if you are still
having the same problem.

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