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live and install in one CD?

Jimmy wrote:
> A Live CD with an "Install Me" Icon on the Desktop, like other distro's
> are doing would be real sweet.

While the last half year, we spoke several times about that on IRC. The
current state is:

  * g-i could be, theoretically, recompiled to be used as a normal
   'stand-alone' application. This will be one of the next things
   focused right after etch release, needs cooperation with the g-i
   developer (afaik, g-i needs to some little works so that it is
   possible), Marco has made contact there.

 * independent of g-i, I or somebody other I don't remeber from IRC
   will look about the integration of the ubiquity installer from Ubuntu
   in Debian.

These two possiblities above will install a 'regular' Debian system.
Independent of these two things, I'd like to have a small script that
just copies the live system to the harddisk and 'undo the live specific'
things. This will need some cooperation with d-i team. More about that

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