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Re: Suspend and Hibernate in Etch not working on Asus L3400Tp laptop

>> > g-p-m is basically a tool for single-user systems, like laptops (usually
>> > are).
> [..]
>> > On multi-user systems you're better off not installing it if possile,
> I guess you don't wan't to remove the g-p-m feature, you just want to
> manage it. i.e. authorized user can still hibernate the computer,etc. ;)

> 1. power management authorization are granted through "powerdev" group
> membership.

I believe that has no influence on my main problematic case:
1- the user hits the power-button because (s)he wants to hibernate the
2- each and every user logged in with Gnome gets to process the request via
   its own gnome-power-manager, isn't it wonderful?

> 2. you can also use gconf-editor to fine-grain control what user has
> _access_ to (In gconf-editor's help Menu, read "Default and Mandatory
> Settings" pages).

No, the problem is not that g-p-m allows users to do things they shouldn't
be allowed to do (I use social-engineering to solve such problems anyway).

I mean it's good that g-p-m has those things for people in different
situations, but they don't help me.

> Of course, if you don't want anybody to hibernate|suspend your computer,
> you can disable it (see /etc/hibernate/ram.conf and hibernate.conf)

Will it really work?  Is g-p-m really going to use hibernate rather than
some other method?  Is that documented somewhere?


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