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Re: Suspend and Hibernate in Etch not working on Asus L3400Tp laptop

> Yes, I used the gnome-power-manager applet. 
> Thanks to Michael who also pointed me to the hibernate script, I'm able
> now to hibernate, but need to access it as root via a terminal.  My
> preference though, is to access it through the applet.

This whole situation is a real big mess.

The relationships between the various kernel-level code, the s2ram/s2disk,
hibernate, hal, gnome-power-manager, powersaved, and a few others, is very
much unclear and how to know and/or choose which one is layered on top of
which other is again a big mess.

>From what I can tell, hibernate seems to just do its job and do it well, so
whenever possible other tools *should* use it, but it seems to sadly not be
the case, so I end with situations where running `hibernate' works fine,
whereas asking gnome-power-manager or powersaved to hibernate either fails
or results in a non-functional system.

Plus, a similar (tho much smaller) mess can be found around the issue of who
reacts to events like "close lid", "press power button", "press suspend
button", ...

And of course gnome-power-manager is fundamentally flawed because the issues
it tries to deal with are at least as much system-wide as they are specific
to a given Gnome session: when I have several users logged in, I don't want
each one of their gnome-power-manager to react to ACPI events.


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