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Re: Suspend and Hibernate in Etch not working on Asus L3400Tp laptop

list-debian-laptop wrote:
> If I try to suspend, the screen locker comes on, and after I type my
> password, it says:
> "Suspend Problem
> Your computer failed to suspend. Check the PAQ page for common
> problems."
> Same with trying to hibernate:
> "Hibernate Problem
> HAL failed to hibernate. Check the FAQ page for common problems."

Very likely error messages would be logged to /var/log/syslog.  Look
through that file and see what you find.

By what method did you attempt to suspend?  Did you use the gnome
applet?  Or did you use the hibernate script?  Or some other method?

If the two that you tried did not work let me recommend the s2ram and
s2disk alternatives.  It has a table of known workarounds for some
laptops and may work using one of the predefined recipes.

  apt-get install uswsusp

Then simply run it.

  sudo s2ram


  sudo s2disk

Also depending upon your laptop you may need a newer kernel than is
available in Debian Etch Stable.  This can be installed from Sid
without needing to pull other packages.  (As an aside this is required
for running powertop for example.)

> In Fedora 6 it did both extremely well. What could be the problem /
> solution?

Suspend to disk and ram have been some of the most hardware dependent
issues for laptops.  Some work fine and other give endless trouble.  A
lot of the programs are scripted with table driven workarounds.  This
means that every distro and every laptop will be a unique
combination.  Others with different laptops may have the exact
opposite result from yours.


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