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Re: Suspend and Hibernate in Etch not working on Asus L3400Tp laptop

>> And of course gnome-power-manager is fundamentally flawed because the
>> issues it tries to deal with are at least as much system-wide as they are
>> specific to a given Gnome session: when I have several users logged in,
>> I don't want each one of their gnome-power-manager to react to
>> ACPI events.

> g-p-m is basically a tool for single-user systems, like laptops (usually
> are).

In my book, it's spelled "flawed".

> On multi-user systems you're better off not installing it if possile,

Sadly, it's now required by the `gnome' virtual package (actually maybe
it's not required directly by `gnome' but by `gnome-desktop-environment' or
other virtual package that's required by `gnome').
So it's difficult not to install it, and it's also difficult to install it
but keep it disabled.

> or disable such acpi-related functions (and likely the ability to
> shutdown as well), again if possible (never used it).

I have nothing about my users causing a hibernate or suspend on most of my
machines (except when hibernate or suspend doesn't work, of course),
especially if the user has physical access to the machine.


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