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Re: Including a low-latency kernel images in Debian for use with CDD DeMuDi.

On Sun, Feb 12, 2006 at 10:28:34PM +0100, Free Ekanayaka wrote:
> |--==> Sven Luther writes:
>   SL> As said, you should build not a new flavour, but a new subarch, in a way
>   SL> similar of the work bastian blank did with the vserver patches. I am not sure
>   SL> this infrastructure is fully functional, but it is the way these things should
>   SL> be handled.
> Ok, I got the idea. If the kernel team decides it's doable I can start
> work on that  myself, this should  address the lack of human resources
> issue raised on an other post.

Well, the lack of human ressources will show of over the months upto the
release, and the years that this code base is active, so we need more than a
momentarily commitment :)

>   SL> Oh, and it would be very nice if we didn't get spam back from the agnula
>   SL> mailing list handler or whatever, saying we are not subscribed and such, or
>   SL> maybe we should drop the agnula mailing list, as it seems clear they don't
>   SL> really want to speak with us :/
> Very sorry for that. I've set "Send mail to  poster when their posting
> is held for approval?" to "No", hope that's enough.



Sven Luther

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