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Re: Kernel Patches

On Sun, Feb 12, 2006 at 10:42:57PM +0100, Joschka Sulzer wrote:
> Because i find this patchset quite useful , i suggest the 
> iphitus-patchset and the grsec-patches to be added to the debian-kernel. 
> They contain acpi-patches , drivers for the centrino-chipset , suspend2, 
> randomized ports, and more . And the author made sure that they work 
> together.
> http://iphitus.loudas.com/archck.php
> http://grsecurity.net/

Why are they not in mainline kernel ? The politic of the debian kernel team is
to only include patches which are either already upstream, or have a good
chance of going upstream rather soon.

As thus, i would recomend you to try to push for mainline inclusion of these
patches if you really care for them.


Sven Luther

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