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Re: Including a low-latency kernel images in Debian for use with CDD DeMuDi.


> > > 1) preempt (and other -RT features ?) are still too broken for enabling in the
> > > main flavours.
> > 
> > Yes, I think it's too large a patch to include unconditionally into
> > mainline Debian kernel.
> A patch ? What exactly are you speaking about ? I was talking about preempt,
> which is now part of the mainline 2.6 tree, but not enabled by default.

-RT patch is a large tree that Ingo is maintaining outside of kernel tree.


preempt is included in the mainline kernel bit by bit, but doesn't
include all the required stuff.

I would have thought that it's in a state where it is already almost
always safe to enable preempt on architectures that remotely support
functional SMP...

> > I think we'll have a lot of problems with support SMP userland let
> > alone kernel for -RT, so that will probably need some work.
> Euh, powerpc64 is smp by default, and if i remember well, preempt is actually
> easier to deal with in a smp-friendly case.

In my impression, jack (jack-audio-connection-kit) support for SMP is
not prime-time yet, which means most of audio-apps won't function
correctly in SMP situation. Binding all apps to one CPU might work
better, but that will need some more investigation and development.

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