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Re: Including a low-latency kernel images in Debian for use with CDD DeMuDi.

|--==> Sven Luther writes:

  SL> As said, you should build not a new flavour, but a new subarch, in a way
  SL> similar of the work bastian blank did with the vserver patches. I am not sure
  SL> this infrastructure is fully functional, but it is the way these things should
  SL> be handled.

Ok, I got the idea. If the kernel team decides it's doable I can start
work on that  myself, this should  address the lack of human resources
issue raised on an other post.

  SL> Oh, and it would be very nice if we didn't get spam back from the agnula
  SL> mailing list handler or whatever, saying we are not subscribed and such, or
  SL> maybe we should drop the agnula mailing list, as it seems clear they don't
  SL> really want to speak with us :/

Very sorry for that. I've set "Send mail to  poster when their posting
is held for approval?" to "No", hope that's enough.



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