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Re: Including a low-latency kernel images in Debian for use with CDD DeMuDi.


> 1) preempt (and other -RT features ?) are still too broken for enabling in the
> main flavours.

Yes, I think it's too large a patch to include unconditionally into
mainline Debian kernel.

> 2) the kernel team has not the ressources to track these preempt flavours, and
> the (load of) additional bug report they will create.
> 3) it is now relatively easy to add preempt flavours, and from a technically
> packaging infrastructure this would be a no brainer.
> So, given this, if the support of these -RT kernels will be handled only by
> the existing kernel team, then there is no way we want to add those, but on
> the other hand, if there is additional ressources added to the kernel team to
> handle those flavours and the accompanying bug reports, we would be willing to
> add a few select flavours. I guess those would be the i386, amd64, and powerpc
> (at least the powerpcs and powerpc64 flavours, do we really need to care about
> 32bit smp systems for this ?).

I think we'll have a lot of problems with support SMP userland let
alone kernel for -RT, so that will probably need some work.

My current plan is to maintain the -RT variant with guys working with
debian-multimedia, so yes, this means new members joining in to
debian-kernel team to look after bugs specific to -RT variants.

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