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Re: Including a low-latency kernel images in Debian for use with CDD DeMuDi.

|--==> Junichi Uekawa writes:

  >>Ah, ok, so this would be the same situation as the xen or vserver patches,
  >>which we already have subarchitectures (maybe not very well named).
  >>I would counsel you to get a svn checkout of the linux-2.6 package, and
  >>investigate into what Bastian did for vserver, and do something similar.
  >>I can add you to the alioth project if you want to commit stuff, altough i
  >>think that maybe the exp branch (targeted as 2.6.16) would be best placed to
  >>do this kind of work.

  JU> Thanks for the guidance.

  JU> This is part of 'merge DeMuDi back to Debian' project; I'll be squashing other parts first.
  JU> We haven't even got lowlatency patches into Debian yet.

  JU> Free, (or anyone else doing DeMuDi kernel) would you like to see how
  JU> we could integrate into official kernel-image building tree ?

I few weeks  ago I've checked out  the source of the linux-2.6 package
(BTW, nice work!) from the SVN  repository, and adding more flavors is
just a  matter  of modifying the  debian/arch configuration  files. It
should not be difficult at all.

I'm just   wondering  if we  should include   these low-latency kernel
packages in the current linux-2.6  source package,  or rather clone  a
new one in some  smart way. If  other Custom Debian Distributions need
their own kernels, including  everything in one single source  package
could turn to be a not very scalable approach.



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