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Re: rx2660 + debian

Hi guys,

On 25.04.22 10:09, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
 From what I can understand by the information in the bugcheck, this is somewhat related to a violation
in parameter copy from user to kernel during some boot-time, crypto, self-test. Does that sound right?
If that is the case, how would this be related to FW?

I'm not claiming that it must be related to the firmware, I'm just saying that I don't see this problem
on my RX2660 at all and I have even reinstalled it recently with one of the latest firmware images
without having to pass any parameter to the command line.

A difference between Adrian's rx2660 and Pedro's rx2660 is Montecito
left and Montvale right.

But could still be multiple other reasons we haven't looked at yet in

* amount of memory installed
* SMT enabled or not
* number of processor modules installed

It might be possible for me to check on my rx2660s (one with Montvale
and one with Montecito(s)) tomorrow. I will then also look at my other
Itanium gear and gather relevant information.


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