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Re: rx2660 + debian


On 09.04.22 10:25, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:

On 4/9/22 10:06, Frank Scheiner wrote:
Could you please also mention what processors you have installed,
Montecito (90xy) or Montvale (91xy[z])? I'm not sure if this makes a
difference, but suspect it could.

glaubitz@electron:~$ cat /proc/cpuinfo |head -n18
processor  : 0
vendor     : GenuineIntel
arch       : IA-64
family     : 32
model      : 0
model name : Dual-Core Intel(R) Itanium(R) Processor 9050
revision   : 5
archrev    : 0
features   : branchlong, 16-byte atomic ops
cpu number : 0
cpu regs   : 4
cpu MHz    : 1594.671
itc MHz    : 399.166326
BogoMIPS   : 3182.59
siblings   : 4
physical id: 0
core id    : 0
thread id  : 0

Thanks! I have two of those in one of my rx2660s and the other one has a
single 9140M IIRC. But both are in (cold) storage right now, so no way
to get the firmware levels in the near future - unless the spring
returns shortly. ;-)

But I will check my rx2620 for the firmware information and if it runs
with the latest kernel. Procesors are Montecitos there (9020s IIRC).


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