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Re: rx2660 + debian

On 09.04.22 20:43, Anton Borisov wrote:
cpuinfo was from RHEL 5.4 environment. IIRC it had 2.6.18 kernel, that's
why such a tight model name. I'll give more details on my next boot with
a fresh snapshot...

That explains it.

None of the kernels from 5.x tree worked for me. Everytime I hit that
memcpy BUG. I've booted off from
<https://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/ports/snapshots/2019-07-16/> - it
was perfect in terms of initial boot and launching the install shell.
But then it stuck at "detect and mount CD" (step 3 of launcher).

IIRC the kernel on the installer ISOs is a generic one. Maybe that makes
a difference. In any case, if you can get the processor info that would
be good to know.

UPDATE: Just noticed, you seem to use an old snapshot. Maybe better use
a current one.

For reference, I just upgraded the FS of my rx2620 with two Montecitos
using a 5.10.0-8 kernel and am now doing some benchmarking with a
5.16.0-6 kernel. So far no problems, nor instabilities.

For reference:

Firmware levels of this machine:

[rx2620-mp-ilo] MP:CM> sr


Current firmware revisions

 MP FW     : E.03.32
 BMC FW    : 04.04
 EFI FW    : 05.48
 System FW : 04.29

Processors are 2 x Itanium 2 9020 (Montecito).

But I have to say, this machine seems to ve very well supported, because
it ran everything I threw at it, so far.


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