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Re: rx2660 + debian


On 4/25/22 08:01, Pedro Miguel Justo wrote:
>> It might also make sense trying to update the system firmware to the latest version you can get
> If I am not mistaken, last time we checked, my rx2660 FW version was actually more recent than yours…

I think I posted my firmware versions earlier in this thread. Did you compare them?

> From what I can understand by the information in the bugcheck, this is somewhat related to a violation
> in parameter copy from user to kernel during some boot-time, crypto, self-test. Does that sound right?
> If that is the case, how would this be related to FW?

I'm not claiming that it must be related to the firmware, I'm just saying that I don't see this problem
on my RX2660 at all and I have even reinstalled it recently with one of the latest firmware images
without having to pass any parameter to the command line.

Maybe Sergei can comment on the usercopy issue, I forgot the details.


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