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Re: rx2660 + debian

Hi Adrian,

On 09.04.22 09:09, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
Here are the firmware versions of my RX2660:

[mp0017a499dd1c] MP:CM> sr


Current firmware revisions

  MP FW     : F.02.17
  BMC FW    : 05.23
  EFI FW    : ROM A 05.63, ROM B 07.12
  System FW : ROM A 01.00, ROM B 04.04, Boot ROM B
  UCIO FW   : 03.0b
  PRS FW    : 00.08 UpSeqRev: 02, DownSeqRev: 01

[mp0017a499dd1c] MP:CM>

Could you please also mention what processors you have installed,
Montecito (90xy) or Montvale (91xy[z])? I'm not sure if this makes a
difference, but suspect it could.


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