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Re: DDTP-Links on CDD tasks web pages

On Mon, 14 Jul 2008, Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:

Oh that. I proposed a solution for that but no-one seemed to be
interested. Perhaps you could try using:


Hmmm, this is what I tried before and this is automatically turned
into what I wrote


and it is resulting into

  All descriptions for package adun.app already translated
  Goto main screen

as I tried to explain.  So this link does not help either.  Does
this really do something different for you?

Well, have you really tried this or are you basing your statement on
the plan you had in mind for implementation?  The latter URL (with
force=1) gives me the previous translation in the form and I can
edit some older translation.

This is based on the reason why it as added in the first place. As
long as you don't mind me sending any resulting bugreports to you I
don't really mind one way or the other.

I can not really parse what you mean here.  How can I send a bug report?
I do not even know what behaviour is intended.  I *found* by reasonable
guessing something that works for me and I just try to verify for about
two weeks whether this is the method it is intended to be used or whether
it is misuse of an undocumented feature.  So I have no bug to report and
if I would, then I would not know how (ddtp isn't packaged yet, isn't it).

It's the translation teams
that are going to complain in the end, not me.

Well, that's why I was writing to their mailing list - but nobody
except you seems to be interested.  So thanks for your responses
in any case, but it seems that nobody really knows how the DDTP
server is intended to be used with URLs and nobody seems to be able
to verify whether the translations that are made this way will really
make their way into the resulting output files.

It might be worthwhile reminding people that if they want to do
serious translating to make contact with the translation teams, some
of them how fairly strict procedures as to how to translate stuff.

This is a reasonable advise but wouldn't this advise be reasonable
directly at the translation page?  You provide a publicly available
interface which can be accessed by everybody so if I would put some
kind of disclaimer at our pages which links to this interface this
might be only of little help here.

Well, the translation files lists all the translations for each
package. If you don't particularly care which one you could just pick
one at random.

What is the correct URL to these translation files?

Kind regards



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