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Re: DDTP-Links on CDD tasks web pages

On Sat, 12 Jul 2008, Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:

I went there and I still don't understand why you have the force
option, since it works just fine without.

I fail to understand why it is not reproducible for you.  Just try
for instance:


I get

   All descriptions for package drawmap already translated
   Goto main screen

as response.  But if I try


I get

    Fetched drawmap successfully
    Goto translation screen

Do you have any more questions why I use the force option???

force means: "I don't care what anybody has done so far translating
this package, throw it away and start again."

Well, have you really tried this or are you basing your statement on
the plan you had in mind for implementation?  The latter URL (with
force=1) gives me the previous translation in the form and I can
edit some older translation.

I honestly don't understand the point of having such an option set by default.

The only reason why you can not understand is that you perhaps are
using the form with some kind of developer permissions that the
behaviour is different for you than for me.

Well, there is no current translation for the med-imaging package, see:
Some of the descriptions have been translated, in particular 9948 has.
None of the other descriptions has though, so if you have the version
from sid installed, you won't get a translated description.

OK, this might explain things - I'm using testing.  So I wonder whether
it might make sense to inspect translations from sid *and* testing to
get as much as possible translations for the web page.  The intention
is to enable non-English speaker to get as much as possible information
about what kind of field specific software Debian provides.  It is not
the main focus to provide the exact translation of the description in
sid - we are happy with _any_ description translation.  Is there a chance
to query for the "latest available" translation of a certain package in
a certain language?

If you're complaining that the translations doesn't appear on the
mirrors, please complain to the ftp-master (there's a bug on it
somewhere, can't find it right now), it's a known problem which has
been running for years and doesn't seem to be nearing resolution any
time soon.

Perhaps it is better to talk to ftpmaster directly at DebConf instead
of just add another nagging to #431891.  I'll put this on my TODO list
for DebConf.

Kind regards



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