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Re: DDTP-Links on CDD tasks web pages

On Mon, 7 Jul 2008, Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:

  All descriptions for package biomode already translated

What, in your opinion, would be a reasonable result?

Well, I would like to have the same result as if I would have checked
the "force" button in the initial form which enables me to edit the
existing translation.

This works, but as you can check in the archives, has a number of
problems. The most annoying is that just by clicking a link the user
will add a package to the list of stuff to do and if the user doesn't
actually translate it then it increases the load of the real
translators working on that language. This you identified.

Add that these links will be followed by spiders and I can imagine you
can see the possible difficulties.

Ahh, so this intermediate page is to prevent spiders?  Or did I missunderstood
you?  Just to make sure that I'm doing nothing wrong please have for
instance a look at


(Uhmm, ahh, I just notice that also non-free packages are listed here -
 I have to fix this - please ignore for instance "arb" !!!)
If you ignore this issue there are two types of links to DDTP in the last
row of the header of a package on the right side: Those who point to a
not yet translated package description and those who allow the user to
fix a package translation.  (These links do not exist on the English
page for obvios reasons - just look at any other language.  BTW, I could
easily add NL if you ask me to do so ...)

Do you think that these links are doung things right or is it causing
trouble for DDTP?

I'm not sure we really have a good way to deal with this. Perhaps the
easiest is on the page that says "already done" add a button saying "i
know but I want to fix it", just to create an extra layer of

I'm not deeply involved into DDTP, but this sound like a working concept
(in addition to the "force=1" option I just guessed ...)

Kind regards



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