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Re: DDTP-Links on CDD tasks web pages

Quoting Michael Bramer (grisu@debian.org):

> > That's a solution, but would require a whole bunch of coding, and
> > seriously, shouldn't there be effort to get pootle going, which will
> > make all this redundant?
> Please don't wait of pootle...

(dropping Martijn who's subscribed to -i18n.... I think you are too,
grisu, but I have a small doubt)


I've had a fairly good success importing the PO files that are lying
around on churro for German and Japanese, into Pootle.

Quite a while ago, I worked on a script that could merge PO data from
the DDTP into Pootle....so, assuming that Pootle survives the load (it
survived the load with 2 languages) and that we have a way to export
the work done on it to DDTP data, I don't see why we would give up on
it for the DDTP.

The only limitation is available time by involved parties, but that
should be something we discuss either at Debconf for those who will be
there....or at the Extremadura meeting we should organize around
November (something we should keep time to discuss about, when we'll
be at Debconf).

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