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Re: Irish contact (was: Re: Cleaning out the D-I supported languages list

> I registered for an account on alioth: 
> scannell-guest is my username.  I also 
> did a quick pass through the PO file and
> translated about 400 strings last night.

OK, I'll validate you tonight, which will allow you to commit tomorrow
morning (european time) after the account synchronization which
happens at 06:30 UTC on Alioth.

Please make a test commit in the sandbox, as explained in 3.10 in the
i18n documentation and we'll consider step 9 and 10 completed. We'll
then quickly jump over steps 11 and 12 and consider Irish as "work in

So, Irish is OK, Welsh is OK, English is OK, French is OK, Italian is
OK....we need to wake the Scots up and we'll have the Six Nations D-I

/me raises his pint....we nearly did this for St-Patrick, even

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