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Re: Policy Translation

> > I don't want to be discouraging, but are we sure that translating our
> > internal documents like the policy manual is a very good idea ?
> 	There are two important points: (1) A good translation can
> help non-native speakers to understand some points that is not quite
> clear and (2) the translation is already in progress. :o)

Well, I actually see no point in writing that translating the Policy
is not worth it.

Any translation can be of some help for its readers...and we all
know that assuming that all Debian contributors being good English
speakers is much more a dream than a reality. So, well, if someone
cares enough for translating the policy, I really see no problem.

> > Even the best possible translations can never be entirely 100%
> > identical in meaning, and often in practice translations contain
> > errors and are out of date.

*that* is handled by modern tools..:-)

And the policy is not a really fast moving target anyway.

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