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Re: Irish contact (was: Re: Cleaning out the D-I supported languages list

> I've got a contact email for Alastair, if that's useful. But he  
> packages iso-codes for Debian, doesn't he? You would already have  
> those details.

I am already in close contact with Alastair. Indeed, I even uploaded a
few of his packages with his agreement...:)

However, after talking with him about Irish translations, he feels not
enough skilled in Irish language to work on translations. Moreover,
his time is pretty scarce currently so he wouldn't have time neough anyway.

> I wonder if it's worth approaching the developer of gramadóir, an  
> Irish grammar program (<scannell@slu.edu>) logged for translation  
> with the TP.
> I found him very responsive to emails about his program, certainly  
> very committed to the survival of the Irish Gaelic language, so he  
> might well have contacts with people who would translate Debian into  
> Irish Gaelic.

Well, let's try, then....

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