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Re: Irish contact (was: Re: Cleaning out the D-I supported languages list

> I'm maintaining the of the Irish translations
> for KDE, OpenOffice, and the GNU TP software so it's not
> clear that I'll have time to do much with the Debian installer.
> Nevertheless I'm willing to work on it occasionally
> since it's pretty unlikely that anyone else will
> step up and try.

That's great. The amount of work, at least compared to OOo, KDE,
Gnome, is not huge....but is not minimal also..:-)

> I read some of the docs and grabbed the "level 1" pot file
> (1459 strings).   Do I need SVN access to commit the changes
> that I make?

Yes, among other things.

I'd prefer we quickly go through the whole New Language Process (see
chapter 3 of the documentation as you obviously found it). It should
be rather quick and does not anyway prevent you to create an account
for yourself on alioth.debian.org and send it to me.

I'll start to fill in the various initial steps of the New Language
Process (several are more or less compelted virtually for Irish
anyway) and come back at you from time to time (in private) to get the
needed complementary information.

Anyway, that's great news that we have a possible Irish
translator. One last gap in Europe will be filled in (we're now only
missing Serbian to cover all Europe).

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