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(no subject) земельный участок Bug#185094: marked as done (Patch consider_lmm_collect: Test always true) Bug#226609: marked as done (crosshurd: Problem with much memory) Fwd: Bug#291939 acknowledged by developer (Bug#291939: fixed in dpkg 1.13.13) Bug#323315: marked as done (FTBFS: Conflicting declarations of cn_tab) Bug#340348: hurd: LAN interface dies on connection problem Bug#348260: hurd: Hurd console Should use UTF-8 by default Bug#46709: marked as done (Mach lets processes write to I/O ports) cc's Debian GNU/Hurd Questions Emacs segfaults when in X Re: Re: Emusing Humor Network GNU/Hurd DVD ISO gnumach override disparity Gnumach uploaded [was: Re: uploaded] gnumach_20050801-3_i386.changes ACCEPTED gnumach_20050801-4_hurd-i386.changes ACCEPTED gnumach_20050801-4_i386.changes ACCEPTED Re: harmonize Re: help Re: Re: how to change IP address? hurd hangs after running: # console ... hurd override disparity hurd_20050513-6.changes ACCEPTED International Hurd (ver. 0.9) New GNUAB Archive key Please test new dpkg in experimental Processing of gnumach_20050801-3_i386.changes Processing of gnumach_20050801-4_hurd-i386.changes Processing of gnumach_20050801-4_i386.changes Processing of hurd_20050513-6.changes Re: Programa de email e contatos Requesting pistachio removal in a week Re: shortfall Re: Slashdot Unstripped hurd package available Re: Unsubscribe status for's Daily smiles2send eZine uploaded xorg-x11: Hurd /tmp/X11-unix/.X fixup Re: Re: Your Web Detective Email Reply/MY REFUND The last update was on 07:40 GMT Sun May 05. There are 65 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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