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International Hurd (ver. 0.9)

Sorry for my English. I've created the Russian GNU/Hurd community site:
http://wiki.hurd.ru, where collected links to another sites about
GNU/Hurd. If you can, please publish this links on your GNU/Hurd site
(for example as I've made on the bottom of wiki.hurd.ru)

France: http://hurdfr.org/
UK: http://uwhug.org.uk/
Spain: http://hurd.es.gnu.org/
Italy: http://www.hurd.it/
Canada http://www.nongnu.org/thug/
Russia: http://wiki.hurd.ru
Brazil: http://hurd.gnufans.org/bin/view/Hug/HurdBr
India: http://i-hug.sarovar.org/
USA: http://hurd.gnufans.org/

If you support my idea :-) I will be to update this list.

Ivan Zenkov

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