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Re: Emacs segfaults when in X


On Tue, Jan 17, 2006 at 01:42:28PM +0100, xavier.maillard@laposte.fr wrote:
> Emacs (as shipped with Debian) works when launched under the hurd
> console but when it is done in a X window session, the system goes
> crazy and finally, the only solution I have is to reboot the system
> (if I wait longer, it reboots on its own).

Sorry, I do not know.  It would really be nice if somebody could look
into this.

> P.S: emacs-snapshot is not installable here, why ?

emacs-snapshot is notorious for being uninstallable, because internal
package dependencies are very strict, and as soon as a new snapshot is
uploaded (which happens about once a week), and the binary-dependent
parts have not been built for hurd-i386 (which happens when the
autobuilder is down or does not get around doing so), it becomes
uninstallable.  I am sorry, but I cannot do much about this, I
complained to the maintainer several times about this.

Anyway, new emacs-snapshot packages for hurd-i386 are at
http://incoming.debian.org and will hit ftp.debian.org and mirrors

You can grab them from incoming, and install them manually with dpkg -i
and then run apt-get -f install to have the corresponding
emacs-snapshot-common package installed (or grab that from
http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/e/emacs-snapshot )

Hope that helps,


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