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Bug#348260: hurd: Hurd console Should use UTF-8 by default

Package: hurd
Version: 20050513-5
Severity: wishlist

I think we should use UTF-8 by default for the Hurd console, any

Here is an excerpt of an related IRC conversation:

00:03 < azeem> why is UTF8 not the default?
00:05 < marco_g> azeem: I often wondered the same. :-)
00:05 < marco_g> azeem: Can you change that for Debian?
00:06 < azeem> marco_g: what needs changing?
00:06 < azeem> marco_g: does it needs some patching, or just set the
00:06 < azeem> eh, locale
00:07 < azeem> or some options to the Hurd console command-line?
00:07 < zedek> azeem: console server option
00:08 < zedek> azeem: AFAIK (-enc)
00:09 < azeem> ah, so change MAKEDEV?
00:16 < marco_g> azeem: The default in the console server has to be
00:17 < marco_g> azeem: Or better: how Debian sets it.
00:17 < marco_g> azeem: Yes, changing makedev.


Michael Banck
Debian Developer

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