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Re: Packaging Amfora and dependencies

On Mon, 19 Apr, 2021, 4:30 am Nilesh Patra, <nilesh@inventati.org> wrote:

>In terms for Debian packaging, what are the next steps for progressbar?
>Do we notify the maintainer of the package and request a new package
>from version v3.8.0 (this includes the PR commits).

Yes. We might not ping the maintainer since it's team maintained, but I suppose it's always polite to do so.
I think just ping Thorsten once for confirmation (do CC to the list) if there's a significant delay in reply, I'd take the liberty to update and upload regardless.

And looks like Thorsten did it already[1], so there's nothing that we need to do right now, for this package, it's sorted.

[1]: https://tracker.debian.org/news/1239208/accepted-golang-github-schollz-progressbar-380-1-source-into-unstable/


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