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Re: Packaging Amfora and dependencies

On Mon, Apr 19, 2021 at 04:29:32AM +0530, Nilesh Patra wrote:
> >Do we notify the maintainer of the package and request a new package
> >from version v3.8.0 (this includes the PR commits).
> Yes. We might not ping the maintainer since it's team maintained, but I suppose it's always polite to do so.
> I think just ping Thorsten once for confirmation (do CC to the list) if there's a significant delay in reply, I'd take the liberty to update and upload regardless 

Cool, saw your reply about the new version of progressbar package updated
and uploaded.

> >> > If there's nothing by the 17th I'll post a comment in the PR about
> >it
> >> > and if you could too I'm sure it would get more attention.
> >> Will do, if nothing happens in next couple of days
> >
> >If you could ping the gofeed PR too maybe that will get things going
> >for it.
> Sure, will do.

Followed the github PR this morning and saw gofeed was merged and
your email to the list about packaging the new version.

I'm going to go through the commits since the versions used in Amfora
1.8 to make sure there are no breaking changes, and then update the
debian/patch for Amfora to no longer use the forks. Once you've packaged
the newer version of gofeed I'll build Amfora again from 1.8 with the
patch and that should hopefully be it.

If all goes well I'll ping you when the Amfora 1.8 is ready for review
and upload.

Also talked some with Amfora upstream today and they are excited about
the PRs and Debian packaging. They did have one question about if Amfora
would get into buster-backports or just be in sid until it migrates to

What is the procedure on backporting a package (probably to
bullseye-backports since it's almost released). Is Amfora 1.8
a candidate for backports once it's all squared away and in

Micheal Waltz
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