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75-year-old wmoan arrested at a McDonald's drive-thru for not pulling forward (video) [bts-link] source package eglibc [Bug libc/4028] date output is surprising when TZ is set to an unknown locale Bobblehead doll sends 350 staate workers fleeing from corrections building in Washington Bug#167423: List of small companies in America Bug#268631: force preference of IPv4 over IPv6 Bug#282920: Singapore says militant escaped without trousers Bug#332969: marked as done ([mips/mipsel] Does not implement getcontext/setcontext/makecontext/swapcontext) Bug#364698: (In Trust & Good Fiath)? Bug#364698: Mrs. Pamela White Bug#382175: marked as done (glibc: contains Sun RPC implementation under non-free license) Bug#456303: libc6: upstream doesn't react Bug#456303: libc6: valgrind suppression Bug#504196: glibc: experimental upgrade breaks epiphany-browser Bug#507845: On Ubuntu also Bug#520628: libc6: getaddrinfo now prefers listening on ipv4-only over ipv4+ipv6. Bug#521688: this is fixed upstream Bug#521737: Segfault in memchr when called via strstr Bug#523939: marked as done (missing getcontext() for mipsel) Bug#524046: marked as done (tzdata doesn't include timezones from the pacificnew file) Bug#524664: libc6-amd64: post-removal script returned error Bug#526595: bug 519774: dns resolution error with libc6 Bug#526595: marked as done (bug 519774: dns resolution error with libc6) Bug#526595: Need some clarification Bug#526734: heem Bug#526734: libc: poll not working on ipv4 socket Bug#526823: (no subject) Bug#526823: [glibc] DNS problems with version >= (2.9-8) - Can you provide i386 packages for testing? Bug#526823: [glibc] DNS problems with version >= (2.9-8) - Can you provide i386 packages for testing? Bug#526823: getaddrinfo still fails Bug#526823: libc6 2.9-9 broke DNS resolver again Bug#526823: libc6: 2.9-12 not working either Bug#526823: libc6: Not fixed in 2.9-10 Bug#526823: marked as done (libc6 2.9-9 broke DNS resolver again) Bug#526823: using single-request Bug#526881: locale: should issue better warning about unsupported values Bug#527145: FW: libc6: pop3d and imapd creates segfault in Bug#527145: Hello my lovely dear friend, Bug#527145: libc6: pop3d and imapd creates segfault in Bug#527145: marked as done (libc6: pop3d and imapd creates segfault in Bug#527230: libc6: segfaults in when executing cyrus-imapd Bug#527230: marked as done (libc6: segfaults in when executing cyrus-imapd) Bug#527541: libc6 bug Bug#527541: libc6: Additional confirmation Bug#527541: libc6: after upgrade of libc iceweasel stops working Bug#527541: libc6: after upgrade of libc iceweasel stops, working Bug#527541: marked as done (libc6: after upgrade of libc iceweasel stops working) Bug#527541: Problem solved for me Bug#527567: eglibc: FTBFS: regression in tst-eintr1 Bug#527567: marked as done (eglibc: FTBFS: regression in tst-eintr1) Bug#527589: libc0.3-dev: macros __CPU_ZERO_S, __CPU_SET_S etc. undefined [hurd-i386] Bug#527883: init.d status wrong exit code Bug#527883: marked as done (init.d status wrong exit code) Bug#527945: locales: bashism in locales.config Bug#527945: marked as done (locales: bashism in locales.config) Bug#528177: locales: Include kk_KZ.RK1048 locale in SUPPORTED file Bug#528177: marked as done (locales: Include kk_KZ.RK1048 locale in SUPPORTED file) Bug#528316: Why does iconv choose Private Use Area? (big5->katakana) Bug#528353: /usr/share/bug/locales/presubj: typo Bug#528353: marked as done (/usr/share/bug/locales/presubj: typo) Bug#528541: fixed Bug#528657: locales: shs_CA locale causes segfault while running cal Bug#528658: locales: minor error in validlocale(8) Bug#528658: marked as done (locales: minor error in validlocale(8)) Bug#528755: [libc6] shouldn't offer to restart services that are not started at all Bug#528929: debian-installer fails to install testing "squeeze" because segfaults Bug#528957: [libc6] file /etc/nsswitch.conf and /etc/host.conf are not used by libc6 ! Bug#528957: marked as done ([libc6] file /etc/nsswitch.conf and /etc/host.conf are not used by libc6 !) Bug#529173: "-e aa_DJ.UTF-8 UTF-8" in list of locales Bug#529173: marked as done ("-e aa_DJ.UTF-8 UTF-8" in list of locales) Bug#529368: duplicates in locales.gen Bug#530902: unowned files after purge (policy 6.8) Bug#531188: iconvconfig has a misaligned pointer access on arm Co. unsure how bird's head got inn beans Driver arrested afteer speeding 22 times in 45 days eglibc 2.9-12 MIGRATED to testing The Erotica Maek-Over Re: glibc release branch procedures glibc REMOVED from testing Homosexuality and nAal Leakage Man slays killer leopard with spzear Miss America Won't Testiify In sex Sting Case National Taipei University Upgrade schedule Processed: [bts-link] source package eglibc Processed: archiving 519992 Processed: found 527945 in 2.7-1 Processed: found 530902 in 2.7-1 Processed: Re: Bug#528657: locales: shs_CA locale causes segfault while running cal Processed: Re: Bug#530902: unowned files after purge (policy 6.8) Processed: reassign 200641 to libc6.1 Processed: reassign 382175 to eglibc Processed: reassign 528929 to debian-installer Processed: Reassigning glibc bugs to eglibc Processed: setting package to libc6.1-pic libc0.3-dev libc0.1-i686 libc0.3-prof libc6.1-dev libc6-udeb libc6-sparcv9b libc6.1-dbg libc0.1-pic libc6-dev-mips64 libc6.1-prof libc6-powerpc nscd libc0.3-udeb libc6.1-udeb libc0.1-udeb libc6-ppc64 locales libc6-sparc64 libc6-prof libc0.1-dev libc6-dev libc6-i386 glibc-doc libc6-dev-sparc64 libnss-files-udeb libc6-dev-amd64 libc6-i686 libc0.1-i386 libc6-mips64 libnss-dns-udeb libc6-dev-powerpc libc0.1-prof locales-all eglibc libc0.1 libc6.1-alphaev67 libc6 libc6-xen libc0.1-dev-i386 libc6-dev-s390x libc0.1-dbg libc6.1 libc6-s390x libc6-pic libc6-dev-i386 libc0.3 libc6-amd64 libc0.3-dbg libc6-mipsn32 eglibc-source libc6-dev-mipsn32 libc6-dev-ppc64 libc6-dbg libc0.3-pic ... Processed: severity of 527589 is normal Processed: severity of 528177 is wishlist Processed: tagging 155751 Processed: tagging 172123 Processed: tagging 28250 Processed: tagging 28251 Processed: tagging 343140 Processed: tagging 352597 Processed: tagging 382175 Processed: tagging 435646 Processed: tagging 439859 Processed: tagging 496763 Processed: tagging 517795 Processed: tagging 517884 Processed: tagging 518394 Processed: tagging 519479 Processed: tagging 519662 Processed: tagging 519992 Processed: tagging 520455 Processed: tagging 521439 Processed: tagging 522686 Processed: tagging 522982 Processed: tagging 523952 Processed: tagging 524046 Processed: tagging 525261 Processed: tagging 525299 Processed: tagging 526823 Processed: tagging 527541 Processed: tagging 527883 Processed: tagging 528177 Processed: tagging 528353 Processed: tagging 528658 Processed: tagging 530902 Processing of tzdata_2009h-1_all.changes r3440 - tzdata/trunk/debian r3441 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.9/debian: . patches patches/any r3442 - glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.9/debian/testsuite-checking r3443 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches/kfreebsd r3444 - glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.9/debian/testsuite-checking r3445 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches/any r3446 - glibc-package/trunk/debian r3447 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches patches/any r3448 - glibc-package/trunk/debian r3449 - glibc-package/trunk/debian r3451 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.9/debian: . patches patches/any patches/hurd-i386 patches/kfreebsd r3452 - glibc-package r3453 - glibc-package r3454 - glibc-package/trunk/debian r3456 - glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian r3458 - glibc-package/trunk/debian r3459 - glibc-package/trunk/debian/testsuite-checking r3460 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches/kfreebsd r3461 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches/kfreebsd r3462 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches patches/any r3463 - glibc-package/trunk/debian/patches/any r3465 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . r3466 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . r3467 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/any patches/kfreebsd testsuite-checking r3468 - glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian r3469 - glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian r3470 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches/alpha r3471 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/arm r3472 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/hppa r3473 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/hurd-i386 r3474 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/mips r3475 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/all r3476 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/hurd-i386 r3478 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian/patches: . localedata r3479 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/localedata r3480 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . r3481 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches/hurd-i386 r3482 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches/any r3483 - glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian r3485 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches/localedata r3486 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/localedata r3487 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/any r3488 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian/patches: alpha any hppa hurd-i386 i386 locale localedata m68k mips sparc r3489 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches/hppa r3490 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . sysdeps r3491 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches/localedata r3492 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . r3493 - glibc-package/trunk/debian/ r3494 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches/powerpc r3495 - glibc-package/trunk/debian/sysdeps r3496 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . bug/locales r3497 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . rules.d r3498 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/powerpc r3499 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . local/manpages r3500 - glibc-package/trunk/debian/patches/localedata r3501 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . bug/locales local/manpages patches/localedata sysdeps r3502 - glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian/ r3503 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/ia64 r3504 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/alpha r3505 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/alpha r3506 - glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian/patches/alpha r3507 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/alpha r3508 - glibc-package/trunk/debian/patches/localedata r3509 - glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian/patches/alpha r3510 - glibc-package/trunk/debian r3511 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches patches/any r3512 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches patches/any r3513 - tzdata/branches r3514 - in tzdata/branches/glibc-branch-lenny/debian: . patches po r3515 - tzdata/branches/glibc-branch-lenny/debian r3516 - in tzdata/branches/glibc-branch-etch/debian: . patches r3517 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches/kfreebsd r3518 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/any patches/kfreebsd patches/localedata r3519 - glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian/patches/ia64 r3520 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/any r3521 - glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian/patches/any r3522 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian/patches: . any r3523 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/powerpc r3524 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/any patches/powerpc r3525 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/any r3526 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/any r3527 - glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian/patches/kfreebsd r3528 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches patches/kfreebsd r3529 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . sysdeps r3530 - glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian/patches/alpha r3531 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches/kfreebsd testsuite-checking r3532 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches/kfreebsd r3533 - glibc-package/trunk/debian/testsuite-checking r3534 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches/kfreebsd r3535 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . r3536 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches/hurd-i386 r3537 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/kfreebsd sysdeps testsuite-checking r3538 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/alpha patches/any r3539 - glibc-package/trunk/debian r3540 - glibc-package/trunk/debian r3541 - glibc-package/trunk/debian/patches/kfreebsd r3542 - glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian/patches/alpha r3543 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches/kfreebsd r3545 - in glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10/debian: . patches patches/any r3546 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . r3547 - tzdata/trunk/debian r3548 - tzdata/tags reassign 200641 to libc6.1 reassign 382175 to eglibc Red pnada escapes again Thousands off Bananas Wash Up on Shore tzdata 2009g-1 MIGRATED to testing tzdata_2009h-1_all.changes ACCEPTED Wphat's Really Happening When a Woman Gets a Makeover? 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